Pink Santa Hat Movement

The Pink Santa Hat Movement was started because my twin sister, Elise, is currently battling stage IV metastatic breast cancer.  Each year, we would like to honor five women who are also fighting breast cancer.  We will bring them and the person who nominates them to Atlanta, Georgia for a weekend of pampering, relaxation, shopping, a photo shoot, and lots of inspiration to keep fighting. Over 246,660 women currently have breast cancer, and we want to add some sunshine these educators who have this dreadful disease. 

Please help us with making things better for these women.  Our goal is to have them come to the St. Regis hotel where we will shower them with gifts, spa treatments, a shopping spree and a special inspirational activity with other women who are also battling cancer. 

Your donation is tax deductible.  We thank you in advance for your help!!!