The End is Near...December is Here!!!

  Without a doubt, we are all glad to see this year come to an end, and we hold hope in our hearts that the new year will bring us back to center. Nobody could argue that the worldwide community of educators have carried the day as they, along with the thousands of selfless healthcare workers,  have remained steadfast in their commitment to stand on the frontlines of the pandemic despite the onerous uphill climb of rising to every twist and turn in the road.  As a result, a much-needed light has been shone upon the teaching community regarding the value we bring to the core fabric of society and the great sacrifices we make on a daily basis to get the job done. 

To those educators who have not been able to withstand the relentless demands of your time and expertise during this past year, and have decided to take early retirement or change direction entirely to seek another profession, nobody understands more than your peers. There are other areas where your expertise is needed and valued, and often a change of direction breathes new life into an otherwise deflated view of teaching under current conditions.  The avenues to pursue outside of the classroom in the field of education are vast, and edupreneurship is on the rise. Please consider joining us for our next Teach Your Heart Out conference in January that could be your gateway to open doors of possibilities you may not be aware of. Details are in our Teach Your Heart Out news below.  Also, be sure to check out our book, The Edupreneur's Side Hustle Handbook, for stories about educators who have ventured into the realm of creating their own education based businesses. Our story is included!! See details below. 

The Wright Stuff Chics team salutes all educators and we hope this holiday season brings you the rest you so well deserve, uninterrupted time with your family, and a healthy new year, in body, mind, and spirit.   

Thank you for all that you do!! Let's raise a toast to better days ahead in the New Year!!   

Lisa, Tosha and The Wright Stuff Chics team


Teach Your Heart Out!!

There is still time to register for our next TYHO conference in January.  If you have never attended, here are just a few of the amazing comments from past attendees taken from our private FB group. Our goal is to bring educators together to bring them up to date on cutting edge innovation and technology, strategies for best practices, peer to peer support, parent teacher interaction, a session on becoming an edupreneur,  online learning, and so much more. Most of all, we want to reignite your passion for teaching!! 

“Love Teach Your Heart Out! Such a great community of educators supporting one another in their passion for education.” – Danielle M.

“This is the most AMAZING conference I have ever been to. Everything about TYHO is wonderful. The presenters were phenomenal, but the support and understanding are what really overwhelmed me. I feel like my fire has been reignited and my spirit has been refreshed.” – Kim F.

“The best teacher conferences!  Sessions are led by teaching superstars and are geared toward the leading issues in today’s classrooms.” – Jackie S.

For more information on this cutting-edge conference, including presenters, content, and registration, please visit


The Wright Stuff Chics Boutique News

We have had overwhelming support for our boutique this holiday season and have sold out the entire shop!  Now comes the hard part of getting all those orders out!!  We ask for your patience as we work through the multitudes of shipments we are processing in house, and with our local and national postal service providers who are experiencing some serious issues.  It's the perfect storm of holiday chaos!  Below is a direct message from our fearless leader, Lisa Dunnigan, to address this issue.   

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The Pink Santa Hat Movement

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our donors for making it possible to fund much needed support to our fellow educators who are battling breast cancer. Since 2018, with your help, we have raised nearly $32,000 through our online donor portal, 5k race, annual gala events, and other fundraising opportunities. To read more about our non-profit or to make a donation, please visit


The Edupreneur's Side Hustle Handbook

If you haven't ordered a copy of our book on edupreneurship, why not give yourself this gift for the holiday?  Our pre-order sales were off the charts and made us the number #1 bestselling educational book on Amazon!!  If you are curious about starting your own education based side hustle,  (or any kind of side gig), you will find inspiration from ten edupreneurs who have turned their ideas into successful businesses.  Our own Lisa Dunnigan and Tosha Wright are the engine behind this wonderful how to (and how NOT to!) on how to create a side business that fits your own needs, and perhaps fills a need that is currently lacking in the field of education. If you already have the book,  pick one up for a fellow educator!! Available on Amazon!! 









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