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Spring is usually a time to rejoice in new growth and new beginnings and to get outside and shake off the confines that the long winter months demand of us. But this Spring, the world is in the midst of our longest winter in modern times due to the Covid-19 virus. With schools closed all over the world, teachers are instructing their students through distance learning, with the determination to keep their lesson plans on target and on time. Even in these days of great uncertainty, teachers are getting the job done. We are all dedicated to our profession, the students and districts we represent, however, it's important to be mindful of self care now, more than ever.  Here is a list of five things teachers can do to relieve the stress during lockdown. 

1. Mental Health Care 

Sudden distant learning for both teachers and students has been stressful. While it may pose as a convenience for some, for many, it just adds more stress.  This emergency situation did not provide for a learning curve for either teachers or students,  so both have had to adjust at warp speed.  Also, teaching other people's children from your home while your own children are afoot is next to impossible. Please take time for yourself, and, or, if the burden is too much, please reach out to speak with your supervisors and also, to other teachers.  Knowing our own limits is key to protecting our mental health. 

2. Get Out and Move!!

Teaching from home means you are tied to one spot (most likely sitting) for hours at a time. It is important to get outside and into the fresh air so that you can move your body. Prolonged sitting can cause circulatory issues and lack of exercise can affect not only the body, but the mind. Get out and move at least twice a day. 

3. Drink Plenty of ....WATER!! 

Getting enough exercise promotes wellness, but it's equally important to drink plenty of water in times of stress and limited movement. If possible, drink hot water with lemon to flush any possible viruses. Some experts say that Covid begins in the throat and because the virus's molecules have a soft fat coating, hot water can penetrate the outer membrane and flush the virus into the digestive acids in the stomach. We are not doctors, so please, do your own research on this. 

4. Stick to a Routine  

To do your best you must be your best. While it's tempting to stay in your pj's all day when working from home, it's important to keep up some kind of routine. Try to keep to your morning routine as much as possible as this will set your day. Having breakfast, bathing and dressing daily as you normally would, helps to normalize an otherwise abnormal situation. Take your lunch and dinner breaks at the same time everyday, and find time in the evening that is just for you. This lockdown will pass, and keeping with a regular routine will make the transition back to the classroom much easier. 

5. Think About a Side Hustle!! 

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Hang in there teachers! As always, we are all in this together! 

Warm regards, 

Lisa, Tosha and the Wright Stuff Chics team

"You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. " 





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