4 Side Hustles an Edupreneur Can Do From Home

Of the many realities the pandemic has thrown at the world, the most glaring one is how insufficient and unreliable only having just one source of income. This, in addition to the fact that educators are underpaid, makes it all the more important for teachers to look for another way to earn money. Aside from getting a second job inside or outside education, teachers can also make money through their passions through side hustles.

That said, here are four side hustles you can do from home as an edupreneur:

Try your Hand at Meal Prepping

If you enjoy cooking delicious meals for friends and family, becoming a meal prepper is a great side hustle. Meal prepping is all about cooking in big batches, so you can just pick one day a week where you do all the shopping and cooking. To make meal prepping easier, Healthline suggests considering each food group and investing in quality storage containers. It would also be a good idea to take an inventory of the ingredients you already have on hand, to buy in bulk and to have a designated place for saving and storing recipes.

Become a Ghostwriter

One of the most lucrative side hustles a teacher can subscribe to is becoming a ghostwriter. Some of the things you will most likely do as a ghostwriter include composing articles, essays, think pieces, short stories, white papers, novels and non- fiction books. What’s great about this side hustle is that you can grow it into a business. You just need to ensure that the business is structured in manner that allows for growth later down the line. One niche that is currently looking for ghostwriters is digital marketing with literally every industry using digital channels to grow businesses.

Create an Online Course

Given the current circumstances, online courses are becoming more and more popular. As an edupreneur, you can make the most out of this trend by creating an online course through popular platforms like Udemy or Coursera. The biggest benefit to this side hustle is that once you’ve built the course, your work is essentially done and you can enjoy residual income all year-round. One of the ways you can ensure the success of your online course is by creating magnetic and compelling learning outcomes. By doing this, it will not only make your course more attractive to potential students but also improve completion and satisfaction rates, as well as reduce any requests for refunds.

Offer Translation Services

If you teach a foreign language or are fluent in two or more languages, offering translation services is the perfect side hustle. As the world becomes more and more integrated and interconnected, the demand for translators continues to grow by the day. There are two kinds of translators: literary and localizing. Literary translation refers to the translating technical communications. Should you wish to become a literary translator, it would be better to focus on a set of topics or a particular industry. On the other hand, because localizing translators work mainly with informal, vernacular language, you need to be familiar with expressions and local lingo to be competent at this particular discipline.

Whichever side hustle you choose, the key to making it work is mastering time management and finding the right one you enjoy doing the most. This way, you can keep yourself from getting too overwhelmed juggling everything you have to do. This tip will also keep side hustles from feeling like work, which usually causes stress, among other undesirable feelings. For more edupreneur ideas, check out our book The Edupreneur's Side Hustle Handbook.

 This blog post was submitted by Sabina Alonso. 

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